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We specialise in offering  our clients strategic business planning solutions for funding and growth, as well as business management and leadership skills.

Over the years we have  helped   thousands of  small businesses and micro-enterprise organisations  learn how to produce a strategic business plan for funding; Many of them have gone on to raise finance successfully for their business.  As part of our financial consultancy services, we focus on helping our clients develop  corporate  business strategy, align to  their core competencies, and specifically targeted to a market that offers them competitive advantage.

When we work with you, you can be assured your business will understand its unique market preposition and  position, as well as develop an effective competitive marketing and financing strategy. We work with a network of funding organisations and we are able to offer clients strategic advice and link them to the right funding source.  Take a look at our website for more information. Our clients benefits from instant access to the right types of technical knowledge for their strategic needs as well as immediate access to a wealth of business management resources to support business efficiency, effectiveness and growth.

Our services 

A) Strategic business plans for finance, growth and start-up

B) Strategic financial plans and management

C) Strategic marketing including  marketing  strategy, marketing plans and implementation

D) Business management, leadership, enterpreneurship, procurement and supply management training

We also have a business plan support package for clients on low budgets  that offers flexible payment plan and online support. 

BSS  Management Consultancy is (our trading name for BSS USA Inc) is an approved supplier of high  profile public organisations such as the Department of Pensions & Works.  Its training programmes have been approved by Grant Thornton’s Growth Accelerator Programme, as well as some local authorities in the UK. Our services are delivered through a team of highly qualified specialist financial consultants and business  trainers. We hold a number of websites.   

For specialist financial and marketing consultancy services:


For  business skills, entrepreneurship and procurement training services:


For  business start-up education and support services:


 You will find numerous testimonials on our websites.

Contact us for a free 15 -20 minutes consultations. 


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