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Becoming inspired with OnTrack Marketing ...

Hi - I'm Vanessa Lanham-Day and my business, OnTrack Marketing, is all about becoming inspired to fulfil your business dreams by mastering the art of marketing.

Most business owners are simply too close to the problem to be able to see the 'wood for the trees' and often want some support being pointed in the right direction; whether it's for the core components of a powerful marketing plan, or the structure and organisation needed to ensure systematic implementation. With over 30 years as a professional marketer, Vanessa Lanham-Day has a outstanding record for helping businesss owners achieve this.

With OnTrack Marketing, I have developed a powerful seven-step process which takes you on an inspirational journey to discover how to achieve your - and your business's - marketing potential. It makes you do things in the right order - by putting the 'why?' and the 'what?' before the 'how?'.

The focus is on going back to basics - remembering why you are in business and the dreams you wanted to achieve - as well as giving you laser-like focus on your customers and what they need to hear from you from you.

Understand your market.

Understand your message.

And only then embrace the many media opportunities that will seek out your audience.

The result is a practical, do-able set of action plans which you'll be absolutely committed to achieving.

My approach is completely inspiring - you'll leave knowing exactly what you need to do - and with the energy and commitment to go and do it!

"From the moment I met Vanessa she has had a huge, positive impact on my business and I've seen it grow month on month ever since. I can't afford not to use Vanessa. She always delivers. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Her advice just works!" Gavin Thorn, Photographer

You get the added benefit that my OnTrack Marketing approach ...

- Takes the uncertainty out of your marketing - by helping you create a plan that is completely focused on your goals

- Controls your level of expenditure - no more cash spent on the wrong media and the wrong message

- Is 100% connected to implementation - this isn't a long report that you'll put on a shelf, this is all about 'making it happen'

- And therefore ensures you achieve your personal goals - this plan will be about you, not some generic member of your sector

Using my proven signature ‘Super-Success Accelerator’ programme, I will help you to break down your marketing into its component parts, focus your thinking and ensure you are 100% committed to implementing your plan.


  • Hb! hayley bystram, Bowes-Lyon Partnership 10/09/2015 I met with Vanessa as I felt I had reached a plateau within my business and needed some motivation and direction. She was great at finding areas that needed improving and to make the business slicker and more efficient and suggesdting ideas and systems to help me progress and grow the business.
  • Missing profile Kelly Willcox, AB&T Services Ltd 14/08/2015 Vanessa has really helped me develop my business. She has given me the confidence to re-brand, change my company name and has assisted with some great marketing strategies that have helped me reach out to a new client base. Vanessa really gets to know you first and understands what you are passionate about within your business and then channels this into some great ideas for your business making it easy to put these changes / strategies in place as they are all based on your personal values to your business
  • Missing profile Steve Hubbard, RobotFun Ltd 13/08/2015 Vanessa has been a great help in getting me started in marketing my company. Her down-to-earth advice has been and continues to be very useful, and her encouragement and obvious enthusiasm has made a huge difference. I highly recommend her services.