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There are many reasons why a business needs to grow; survival, to be attractive for acquisition, expansion, exit plan or just simply getting the business off the ground.

Perhaps after a few years the business has reached a reasonable sales turnover but hasn’t developed the commercial skills yet either for effective management, the customer sales team to grow profits or finding the right people to expand with and not make more costly bad hires?

Typically we help committed business leaders and entrepreneurs who recognise that Coaching is useful but doesn’t provide the repeatable skills to find new clients & engage with them or prevent numerous time consuming costly quotations ending in silence or worse, the competition getting their plans & ideas.

Reading this, its probably still unclear whether our services will match your business goals and it’s also true, that simply because we have thousands of successful UK clients we won’t know that we can definitely help you grow. If you think it makes sense to explore a little further, perhaps over a coffee, to see if there is a match and choose what to do from there please get in touch. 


  • Missing profile Sally Taylor, Paperklip Office Services Limited 08/10/2014 Investing in Sandler Training has been one of best decisions that I have made for Paperklip. The system is working and we are seeing excellent results! It is easy to commit to attending every week; the meetings are fresh, interesting, busy, supportive and full of opportunities to learn and practice the techniques required to win more work. This system enables us to invest our focus/energy/time/resources in the right direction with predicable results, in a professional manner. I cannot recommend Chris Davies highly enough. Chris keeps us accountable for our actions and focussed on our goals. He stretches us to reach and deliver our full potential in order to realise our dreams. Sally Taylor, Managing Director, Paperklip Office Services Ltd
  • Missing profile Mark Blaber, London House International Ltd 07/10/2014 What can be said about Chris...he makes learning and sales fun! The weekly meetings are held in the super surroundings of a converted chapel which easily accommodate our group. The group consists of like minded people who are all there to learn the best techniques for getting those sales. The training materials are first class and the method of delivery is somewhat unique, via Chris' own style. This is a great format to learn not only from Chris, who has experienced most things, but also from peers who are all going through the same business issues that we tend to think relate only to ourselves. There is a lot of experience in the room. As a Business Development Director I am keen to learn new styles and systems. I have no doubt that what Chris has been teaching us, the Sandler system, helped me to recently secure the largest contract we have ever won. Sales can take time to bring on board and Chris, and the group, have always been happy to provide input as opportunities progress. Furthermore, Chris is always happy to talk tactics and offer guidance over the phone or over a coffee when ever needed. Simply, I can't recommend him highly enough.
  • Missing profile Andrena Carden-White, The Vine Magazine 06/10/2014 Just a quick note to give you some honest feedback about the Sandler Training; Last year I worked with another training provider and whilst it was a positive experience, there was no lasting impact for me or my business, in contrast, the Sandler Training has already made a difference to my daily actions, how I run and view my business and more importantly it has already increased my sales. Why is this? I have found the course structure very well put together, with a logical progression which has led me step-by-step to the next action and I have always understood the objective of each session and the subsequent tasks. The course material and handouts is far superior to anything else I have received elsewhere and the online tutorials that back this up have added additional discipline which reinforces the "in class" learning. Having the support of the group and the accountabilty to you and each other has helped immensely. As a tutor it is clear that you have real-life experience to back up what you are teaching which has certainly gained my trust and respect. A crucial part of my experience is that I look forward to coming to the group each week; you keep it entertaining, you manage to keep everyone engaged and the pace has been perfect. It is evident that you put a lot of thought and preparation into the sessions and of course the venue is fantastic which really enhances he whole experience. I have recommended your course many times to other business owners because from my own experience, if you follow the training you get results, not only in personal development but in business growth and planning too.