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United Kingdom


The green field is a growth acceleration business that uses high performance coaching to enable leaders and managers in SMEs, to evaluate and develop their business valuation propositions and high-growth potential.

A lot of emphasis is placed upon the strategic analysis and evaluaion of the business, its leadership and managment potential for sustainable profitable growth. The key ouputs of any intervention are the refinement of the current business model, and its contextualistaion with a clear objective-led medium term strategy, and immediate implementable plan for the business.

The green field is a firm advocate of management harnessing the rapid development and deployment of actionable, well-thought through growth plans that direct and drive the business to success and profitable growth.


  • 3a9318a7d0317433f3045bf4719f6f42 Sam Jones, Tunafish Media 23/04/2015 I could not recommend the experience more, it was brilliant and has given us a lot to think about as we look to move forward.
  • Missing profile Sam Jones, Tunafish Media 23/11/2014 We began working with Andrew in July of this year, a time from which our company has doubled in size. Andrew was key to helping us plan and guiding us through this period and aiding us in planning the strategic and marketing future of the business. Andrew provides a hands-on, no nonsense approach that inspires and breeds confidence and we look forward to working with more in the future. Cannot recommend enough.
  • Missing profile Gail Vernon, VSM Healthcare 03/02/2014 We first worked with Andrew as a dedicated Tutor on The Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business course held at MMU. Although Andrew had a specific interest in digital marketing, he took the time to understand the scope of our business taking a wider and pragmatic view to highlight strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Andrew’s no nonsense style, combined with his experience delivered a credible and compelling message. This positively changed the direction of our business to create growth opportunities. Beyond and outside the GS10K course we have continued to work with Andrew to help ensure we make the right decisions as we move along on growth journey. To anybody who wants to explore the right tools to grow your business, I whole heartedly recommend Andrew. Gail Vernon, VSM Healthcare