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Main address

The Peloton , Office 1, The Warehouse, Anchor Quay
Penryn , TR10 8GZ
United Kingdom


The DNA of our business revolves around the people and their relationship with one another and their clients. 

It's an easy to talk to culture.

It's an understanding place.

We are very much part of our client’s team. We understand them, and they understand us and the role finance plays in their business. We surround our clients with help and advice helping them perform to their maximum potential. This is the principle of a peloton. We are the Peloton.

For the client, a constant update of where the business is, what is working and what are the Watch-out allows an infinitely higher chance of staying on track. Very soon, trends become identified and the business owner begins to understand precisely what is happening and what needs to be fixed. And where necessary further help is on hand in the form of;

Budgeting Book-keeping Marketing Tax planning and consultancy Strategic planning Business consultancy

Now the business can really go places with a level of confidence that it is not only efficiently using its resources, but it can track where it is and where it is going - live. Moreover, when it wanders off it knows precisely how to get back on track. Finance is its compass, and live data is the GPS.

And all the while the above is happening the client has complete assurance that the professionalism of a team of chartered accountants working away in the background is there to get them safely over the line with HMRC and Companies House. All with the least amount of hassle and maximum confidence that the business is squeaky clean and will not have paid a penny more tax then was absolutely necessary. 


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